Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving in DeLand

We were so lucky to be in DeLand for a very long time over the Thanksgiving holiday - Mike had work to do in Orlando (Q School) so it worked out well that our family is there!

We had Thanksgiving at Christina's parents and it was wonderful as always!

Auntie Alex with Harrison

Mamie has been part of the Taylor family for a very long time - she was around when Christina's dad was a child and moved on to help Christina's parents when Sid and Christina were children (she would probably say they STILL our her "children" as she refuses to acknowledge that they have have grown up!)

 While my (Christina's) mom is one of the best cooks I've ever come across... Mamie does make the BEST fried chicken and mashed potatoes and her meatloaf aka Mamieloaf recipe is a best kept family secret - if you come to visit I might just make some for you!!

Mamie with yet another generation!

Christina's mom's beautiful Thanksgiving table

Now which spoon am I supposed to start with...??

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