Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back in the desert...

Since Phoenix isn't anywhere near a beach there are fountains all around town to play in... now that I'm walking mama decided to take me to check it out - it was a blast!

Here I am with my friend London Kai - she is a bit older so she showed me how it is all done!

Loving my Thomas cup

Here's mama with baby Henry Guetz - she said he is just precious!

Here I am taking some of my first steps!  I'm so Big!

I want to be just like daddy when I grow up!

See ya next time - I'm outta here!

Monday, July 28, 2008

And more steps!

Back in DeLand

After we left the Keys we stayed at Nonnie and Gramp's for a couple weeks before heading back to Phoenix

The cuz and I causing trouble!

Auntie Shai was in DeLand at the same time we were and had Braden and Sienna with her, so we went to her mom's house to visit - her sister Angie was visiting from Aruba with her little girl Elana - getting a group pic was a challenge for the moms!

Angie with Elana

Aunt Shai, Braden, Sienna and Mommy and me!

Walking around Nonnie and Gramp's pool with Gramp - mama say's she misses the oak trees and moss in DeLand.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Down to the Florida Keys!

Nonnie and Gramp rented a house for all of us on Marathon Key, Uncle Sid (mommy's brother), Aunt Amy and cousin Kylie came too!

On our way to the Keys with stayed with Mommy's friend Wehler - she is pregnant with a little girl - I can't wait to meet her!

Here is my first trip to the beach - so beautiful!

You with the camera  - back off!

Pondering life....

Back at the rental house looking cute

Chillin with my daddy 

Mama and Daddy went on a date - and I wasn't invited - the nerve of them!

The rental we stayed in had a boat slip right out back which made it easy to jump in the boat and go!  Here mama and I are with aunt Amy and cousin Kylie getting ready to get on the boat for the first time

I'm not loving this get up

Whew finally back at the house - I had much more fun in the pool than on the boat!

I LOVED  conch chowder!

The fam at Mallory square in Key West

The one that didn't get away!  Daddy went fishing with the boys and caught this 40 lbs dolphin!  Yeah Daddy - you Rock!  We ate Mahi for the next 2 weeks!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A few random pics

Mother's day at the club

Daddy n da bug

My fake smile

Spinach and chicken... Yum!

 I'm a rock star! No autographs please!

Enough with the pictures already!

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Big First Birthday Party!

Since mommy and daddy call me the bug they got a cake with bugs all over it!

Nonnie decorated my highchair!

Auntie Shai and my Nonnie!

My friend Connor

Andrew and Laura came to celebrate with me

 Hanging with my Gramp before the festivities

Mama made LOTS of food!

Mama and Lindsay (Connor's mommy)
The fam

No party is a party without blankie!

I didn't feel very well that day can't you tell!

I'm not going to smile no matter what you do... so stop trying!

And what is this??  You expect me to eat that??!!

No smiles - but I will show you my tongue!

Okay it wasn't that bad...

Only daddy could get a smile out of me!

I did manage to rack in the presents despite my grumpiness!

Sienna is showing me how to work my new toy

The morning after....