Saturday, September 27, 2008

Harrison's ISR Swim Classes

After watching my niece Kylie swim and back float with much joy while we were on vacation in the Keys, Mike and I decided to enroll Harrison in Infant Swim Resource swim classes... below are just a few clips of his progress - I wish I had more but I was often in the pool with him and could not video it - and I forgot my camera his last day!! You can check out the program in your area on

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Back at home...

Here are a few random pics from home....

Harrison loves to go outside and wait for daddy to drive up from work - Mike then takes him in his lap and lets him "drive" the car in the garage - this is truly one of Harrison's highlights of his day!

He copies everything we do these days - one morning we were eating our traditional Saturday morning pancakes that Mike makes and reading the paper, neither of us was paying much attention to Harrison as he was rather quiet - when we looked over here he was - thankfully he stayed like that while I ran to get the camera - too funny!

Playing at Coley's house on Homer the baseball rocker

Portland, Oregon

Back to Portland for our annual visit - Mike has work out there (there is a golf tournament in Eugene about 2 hours away which he works) every year and it works out great for us because two of my dearest friends live there!! We started the week staying at Beret and Eric Dahm's house where Harrison had a ball playing with Mia (who just turned 3) and Catcher (who just turned 1) We miss them being in Phoenix but are thankful we still get to see them!!

Then half way through the visit Harrison and I moved over to Shannon Wallace's (Harrison's Godmother) where more fun was to be had for Harrison with Braden (3) and Sienna (1)

Kelley and Bret Guetz (along with their baby Henry and dog Atlas) drove through Portland on their way to the golf tournament in Eugene, it was so fun to have the old gang together!

Beret and Mia with Baby Henry

Harrison goofing around with one of Catcher's hats

Beret's parents live in a beautiful historic home with a gorgeous garden... they also have a horse named Sweetie... Harrison has an infatuation with hoses and was thrilled to be able to give Sweetie her water since it involved him using the hose!

Harrison following Beret around in the garden as she picked fruits and veggies for dinner that night

He loved to walk to the different plants and point at the fruit

He was especially fascinated by the pumpkin here

Beret's mom grows the most delicious yellow raspberries -- that I have never seen or tasted before - Mia and Harrison were eating them straight off the bush like candy.

More hose play

Mia and Harrison sitting on the covered wagon at Beret's parent's house

LOVE this shot.... how sweet is that!

Harrison was chasing Mia around the yard he wanted so badly to run as fast as she did!

He kisses just about any resemblance of an animal...

Beret has a treadmill that became the boys favorite game - they assumed it was a slide put in the playroom specifically for them... they spent hours playing on it...

Mia, Catcher and Harrison playing outside

Mia had her 3rd birthday while I was there - she loves the little mermaid and desperately wants to be Ariel - Beret made this costume for her to wear at her party - she put it on nearly everyday and practiced singing "Out of this world" from the movie for us

What is it with kids and water?

Back at the Zoo... this time in Portland... they just had an elephant that gave birth and we got to see the 14 day old baby elephant - we couldn't take pictures of her, but here Harrison is standing next to a life sized poster of the baby!

One of Beret's good friends came by to visit and brought her two kids - here's her youngest Reese!

Once we moved to Shannon's the fun continued - we took Sienna and Harrison to the Children's Museum - here they are in the big dig area...

Later we went to listend to a man play a banjo - they were not very impressed...

in the music room

And yes more water play!

After Mike was done working in Eugene his Dad flew out to meet him and they went fly fishing on the Mackenzie River... I guess Harrison thought he would catch some fish of his own.

Gotta it! Who needs a pole!

Sienna thought she would give it a little taste....

After the museum we went for a walk along the water... Harrison loved the boats!

Shannon found an awesome Southern Cooking restaraunt - who knew the Northwest had such a thing!? It was delicious! And even the kids loved it! If your ever in the area you should check it out - the Screen Door near downtown on east Burnside... YUMMY!

Both on the plane ride there and back we were upgraded to First Class - and we lucked out and got the bulkhead on both flight Harrison plopped down right at our feet and slept for nearly two hours - gotta love traveling like that! (I had several blankets I brought with me underneath him so no he wasn't directly on the nasty floor)