Sunday, November 18, 2007

Harrison's Baptism

After much prayer and thought - Mike and I felt led to have Harrison baptized in the church where we were married in DeLand, FL ... since we now attend a non-denominational church where they don't do infant baptisms it was a decision we really had to pray over!  We both felt that this is what we should do... the event was moving spiritually and a great deal of fun since we had many dear friends and family come celebrate the event with us!

"Uncle" Paul, one of Mike's childhood friends and one of Harrison's Godfathers came down from Chattanooga... Here they are the day before the Baptism.

Aunt Sarah and Cousin Bo loving on our lil bug

Bo was so cute with Harrison - he constantly wanted to hold and hug him!

Father Don (who married us) leading Harrison's Baptism

The Godparents:
 T.R. Lewis (another highschool friend of Mike's) came from Atlanta
Paul Hoewischer
Shannon Wallace (one of Christina's best friends from childhood) came from Oregon.

The Spencer clan

Christina with Shannon and her little girl Sienna

Nonnie Taylor with Harrison

Aunt Amy (Christina's sister-in-law) with Cousin Kylie looking at the bug

Christina's parents had a wonderful brunch at their home after the baptism... below Nonnie Taylor made sure that Harrison did indeed have a silver spoon in his mouth and he even got to eat from his great great grandfather's silver porridger.... get used to it kid - your Nonnie has a penchant for these things!

Harrison having a blast at his party!

His beautiful (and delicious) cake

Auntie Jen holding the bug 
(another best friend of Christina's from childhood)

"Uncle" T.R. with his Godson

Gamma Spencer relaxing with her grandsons after the big event

Time for night night after a big day...

Pop Spencer loving on the bug before bed

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