Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Harrison's Cast...

Many of you have asked why he has a cast... my apologies - we should have put the info on here already!
Harrison was born with a clubbed foot. We now hear that it is quite common! Basically his left foot turns in somewhat like being pigeoned toed, but more exaggerated. We are working with an excellent Pediatric Orthopedic and are very pleased with his non-invasive approach.

He got his first cast on June 4 and every Monday we have to soak it off (which takes about an hour of soaking in vinegar water) and go in to get a new one put on... they use the cast to slowly turn his foot out... after we are done with the casting (which should last about 6 weeks) he will get some special shoes to help stabilize the foot. He will need to wear the shoes for about 6 months all day long, and then only at night for about 3 years - and then all will be history.

It was really hard on us at first - but now we are old pros at dealing with the cast - and we have several friends who went through this as babies and have gone on to play college basketball, dance etc... we are so happy that it is something that is easily fixed and feel blessed that we have a healthy little boy!

Our Monday Soaking of the Cast ritual

I'm such a big boy for Mama!

Harrison 5-6 weeks

A few new pics!
I love watching my new mobile!

Pondering life....

HayLeigh grabbing some alone snuggle time with Daddy - this is hard to come by these days!

After a bath - so happy!

Zonked out

Father's Day with the world's best DAD!

Close shot

Touchdown (hopefully FSU will have plenty of these this year...)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Harrison 4-5 weeks

Auntie kel lovin on me

playin in my ocean activity center

The "Ted Face"

posing for the camera

Being a big boy with my cast

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Harrison 2-3 weeks old

Our precious angel

Grandpapa Taylor loves taking Harrison outside where they listen to the birds in the morning

Gamma Spencer holding her 2nd grandson

Pop Spencer snuggling with the his namesake

My lil sis in ADPI, Kristen, came to see us - we were so excited to have her visit

Kristen's little girl Kennedy poses with our boy

HayLeigh never lets Daddy hold Harrison without her being right there too

Sleeping with Daddy

Daddy likes to style the lil man's hair after his bath

Auntie Kel and Uncle Bret Guetz are already in love with the snugglebug!

Poor Daddy has no room in the bed!