Wednesday, October 31, 2007


We dressed Harrison up as a lion for his first Halloween and took him trick or treating around the neighborhood - needless to say he was quite the hit!!

 Here are some shots of him playing earlier that morning

He just cut his first tooth - and now constantly has his tongue sticking out to check out this foreign object in his mouth!

Travels to GA and TN

We have been without a home computer for a while now - ours got a virus!  We just made the switch to the Mac world and I am still learning how to be efficient on our new mac - hence the reason we haven't updated in a while!  But here we are... Lil man will have been to 7 different states by the time he is 6 months old!  Quite the little traveler he is - and a great one at that!

Mike had to go to Chattanooga for a golf Tournament so we flew into Atlanta - and visited with his family and old friends from ATL.

This was the first time Mike's sister's little boy Bo got to see Harrison and he was SO excited!

Cousin Bo was so cute with Harrison - he kept asking, "Can I pet him"?

Sarah Ryan & Bo

Aunt Sarah with lil buggers

Proud Pop Spencer

Gamma Spencer loving on our little boy

Visiting with T.R. and Erin Lewis at their new home in Atlanta... T.R. is one of Harrison's Godfathers

Mike holding their newest addition - Corban and T.R. is holding Catcher

Erin and I tried to get a pic with our two little ones but Harrison was out cold...

After we left T.R. and Erin we stayed with one of my sorority sisters Carlton (CC!!) ... another sorority sister of mine, Amy (Tater!!) came over with her new little boy, Tate here the three of us our with our boyz!

After Leaving CC's we headed up to Chattanooga for the tournament and got to visit with our friends Paul and Stephanie Hoewisher!  Paul is Harrison's other Godfather... he and Mike have known each other since Junior High.

Harrison and Paul

Steph with her two boys, Boss and Banks

The rest are just some pictures of our growing boy!!

YUMMY Sweet Potatoes!

In training to be a Pro Snowboarder!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Just a few more random pics

Harrison LOVES his jumper - one day he was in it jumping and I didn't hear the music any longer so I went in to check on him and he had jumped himself to sleep!!

Too funny...

Sunset in our backyard - pretty cool eh?

Go Noles!  Maybe if we cheer hard enough they will make a come back!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Harrison's Videos

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