Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Uncle Sid, Aunt Amy and Cousin Kylie come to visit!!

Sid, Amy and Kylie made the trip out to the desert to see their Nephew/Cousin (This was Kylie's first plane trip and she handled it like a pro)! We had the best time with them out here and were glad the cousins got to meet!

Uncle Sid, Aunt Amy and Harrison

The day after they arrived we had to get out of the 115 degree Phoenix summer, so we drove up to Prescott, AZ. We took our time driving there, stopping several times because of the munchkins, but none-the-less had a wonderful time.

We stopped at a local market and picked up picnic fare, then drove about 5 miles north of the city to the Granite Dells, a dramatic landscape of huge granite boulders jutting out from the desert, where we enjoyed the view and our picnic.

In the middle of this unique area is Watson Lake. After our picnic we hiked down to the lake with babies in tow.

After our hike we packed up and drove back to the town square where we meandered by antique stores and window shopped - we ended the day at a crepe restaraunt that had delicious Nutella-Banana and Apple Rum crepes!!

It was rather warm towards the end of the day so we kept water bottles in the stroller to keep our lil bug cool.

The kids did pretty well on the car ride home - but as we neared the exit they had had enough and started a game of dualing babies where one would start screaming crying and then the other would try to out do it... four adults, two babies and a dog all in one car on a 2 hour drive... needless to say we were ready to get out of the car when we got home!

Back at home - Cousin Kylie loves on Harrison (I actually think she was trying to stick his head in her mouth like she does with her toys, but we thought it looked like she was giving kisses)!

Kylie loves to ham it up for the camera!
Harrison's favorite pasttime right now is staring at his mobile - Kylie couldn't take it anymore and had to see what all the fuss was about!
Not quite understanding what the big deal is with a couple stuffed animals going round and round in circles Kylie moved on to more sophisticated things like the excersaucer!

Another trip out - this time to the mall and one of Mike's favorite pizza joints, Sauce. Here's Uncle Sid with both bambinos at Sauce.

After a long day of shopping with Mommy and Aunt Christina Kylie was pooped so she stretched out in her stroller like her daddy does in front of the TV!

Aunt Amy with our lil Snugabug!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Harrison 6-7 weeks

Here are the latest pics of our little man!

We spent the 4th with Coley & Justin cooking out at Coley's parents, and then rode up Black Mountain to watch the fireworks. Harrison wore his patriotic onesie for them