Friday, November 30, 2007

Party @ Nonnie's

It seems when I'm home there is always a party - and this time was no exception... mom had several of my old friends and their children over to see Harrison- it was so fun to see everyone!!

A few of the kids playing

Harrison with Christina's Godbrother Steve Bradley

Harrison LOVED playing with Steve and desperately wanted his glasses

Long time friend, Kirsten and her newest addition Elyse

Mary Waugh and her newest addition Jack

The rest of the Waugh family, Derek, Luke and Sophia

The Costas

 Trip Davidson, loving on Harrison

Aunt Amy and Uncle Sid gave Harrison his Christmas presents early.  Here he is with his first present!

And ripping into it!

Aunt Amy with the bug

Aunt Amy with Kylie and the Bug!

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Drea said...

Christina - I loved catching up on all your great pictures and stories from your home town - love you and miss you!!