Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Miscellaneous Pics from DeLand

Here are some miscellaneous pics from when we were in DeLand...

Tom's Pizza has been in DeLand as long as we can remember - my Dad used to frequent there as a child and Sid and I both have been addicted from first bite.... now Harrison has officially been introduced to this DeLand institution!  I think Tom's is what will end up convincing Mike to move me back to DeLand one day - we must have eaten there 20 times while we were home!

Harrison and Cousin Kylie playing

Christina, her brother and their cousin Melissa (that they haven't seen in nearly 13 years!!) with her son Landon

Mike's high school friends Rich and Beverly Banez and their two sons, Nico and RJ live in Orlando we got a chance to visit with them before we left town.

Kylie had just taken her first steps earlier in the day here she is taking another stab at it....  To play the video click on the triangle...

Another video....Cousin Kylie and Harrison playing

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