Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back in the desert...

Since Phoenix isn't anywhere near a beach there are fountains all around town to play in... now that I'm walking mama decided to take me to check it out - it was a blast!

Here I am with my friend London Kai - she is a bit older so she showed me how it is all done!

Loving my Thomas cup

Here's mama with baby Henry Guetz - she said he is just precious!

Here I am taking some of my first steps!  I'm so Big!

I want to be just like daddy when I grow up!

See ya next time - I'm outta here!


Erica said...

cute new look!

Reynie said...

Hey Christina! I saw your link on FB and had to come visit! I'm an addicted blogger myself.

Your little one is so cute! Love him in the hat!