Monday, February 4, 2008

Dahm Week 08

Our dear friends Beret, Eric, Mia and Catcher Dahm recently moved back to their home in Portland, OR... they came back to PHX for a visit during which our "old" group was so happy to be all together again that we had something planned every day they were here - Mike and I dubbed it Dahm Week 08  (maybe next time it will be Spencer Splash 09...??)

Here Harrison's ol' friend Catcher came over to play- they haven't seen each other in many months!

And now Baylor Arnold is joining in! (and soon we will have Baby Boy Guetz in the mix!!)

We have enjoyed teas together ever since we first met - Kelley Guetz is our tea queen since she has lived in England and brought this wonderful tradition to our group along with her awesome homemade scone recipe - have you ever had homemade scones hot out of the oven with freshly whipped cream...??  SO GOOD!  Kel has been put on a modified bed rest as she isn't due until May and has been having lots of contractions... so I offered to do our tea at my house... not as fabulous as Kelley's but none-the-less fun to get together! 

The girls (and Baylor - Coley is nursing him under the cover!)

Mia had her own special tea table - just her size.

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