Monday, February 4, 2008

Christmas 2007

Christmas this year was amazing - to be able to celebrate this blessed time of year with our precious son was truly a gift!  

Mike's parents brought their RV out from Atlanta in December and are staying through Feb.!!  It has been wonderful to have family "living" out here with us - and great for Harrison to have grandparents around!

And my parents came out the morning after Christmas - it was so nice to celebrate with both sides of the family!

Here we are in line for Harrison to meet Santa for the first time - he actually did really well!!  When we get our scanner working I'll scan in the pic...

We got tickets to the Desert Botanical Gardens' annual Las Noches de Las Luminaries, where the Botanical Garden lines the paths of the desert garden with THOUSANDS of luminaries.  We have tried to go every year, and every year they are sold out before we can get tickets - so it was a treat to be able to go... finally!

It was COLD that night -so we all had to get bundled up and drink Hot Chocolate!

Tried to capture the magic of it all - but it just doesn't come out in photo!

It was a late night for the lil bug - but he was a trooper!

Our first Christmas as a family!!

Getting ready to go to church on Christmas Eve

Christmas Morning with Mommy

Sitting pretty with Gamma Spencer

Playing with a new toy Cousin Katy sent

Reading on my big boy chair!

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