Friday, April 4, 2008

Easter in DeLand

Grampa Taylor with the bug

Aunt Amy and Cousin Kylie

How big are Kylie and Harrison?? SO BIG!

Mommy's friend Ali invited us over for a playdate - here I am with Jack Costa

Mommy's friend Teri came over to play with her new baby Kayla

I was instantly enamored!

Teri, Kayla, Mommy and I went to the park to meet Kirsten and her new little baby Elyse... mommy let me swing for the first time!

So fun!

I think I found an egg!


Hmm.. a green egg anyone have any ham?

Cousin Kylie and I just chillin after the egg hunt at Nonnie and Gramps'

Mama and Daddy and me!

Some of Mommy's friends 

Mommy's best friend from childhood, Auntie Jen

Mama thinks this is the cutest Easter bunny she has ever seen!  (looks a little like daddy...??)

I love the Easter bunny!

Giving the Easter bunny kisses

Cousin Kylie teaching me some tips on egg hunting

My blue steel

Easter day at Aunt Didi's

Why does Mommy do this to me??

Whew!  All worn out from all the Easter fun!

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