Saturday, September 29, 2007

Road Trippin - 3 adults, 1 baby, 1 dog and a 'Burb

So we thought hey if we are going to take this kid off let's really do it up - so from Portland we flew to Colorado to meet Christina's parents in Boulder where FSU was playing University of Colorado and then Mike flew out to his next golf event while Christina, Harrison, Nonnie, Gramp and HayLeigh all piled in a Suburban for a road trip through CO and Utah back to AZ! And amazingly we all survived and are still speaking!

Christina's good friends from childhood Becky and Jay Wozny live in Boulder, CO here we are visiting with Beck and her daughter Willow in their home.

Later we met them for breakfast and walked around downtown Boulder - here we are with a family friend who was also in CO for the FSU game, Uncle Squirrel. All of us except for Mike and Christina's mom ended up taking our shoes off and walking across that creek to avoid walking all the way to the bridge - while it seemed to be a great idea at the time - the water was freezing and the rocks on the toes were anything but smooth! But we can now say we walked through Boulder Creek

Lil' man in the appropriate colors - GO NOLES!

Chillin in the hotel room

So we have to include some trip pics - After the game we drove from Boulder to Arches National Park in Utah - if you have never been GO - it is awesome!

This is about as close as Harrison got the the famous big arch in the park - you can see it really small in the back... look really close....

A little closer....

Ahhh - now you see it!

On one of our many stops... I'm still nursing - and that added a whole new element to our road trip - since our little bug eats about every two hours! We stopped often (to my mom's small bladder's hooray) and in some rather interesting places - when the bug's gotta eat he wants to eat now - there is little patience when it comes to his dining - hmm I guess that could be a little like his mama!

Christina's mom and dad and HayLeigh at Bryce Canyon - another must see!

And unfortunately - we don't have any great pics of Zion National Park, Utah - but that just might have been the darling of the trip - it was truly breathtaking!!

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