Friday, August 10, 2007

Harrison 3 months old!

We can hardly believe it has been 3 months - time has flown by!! We don't have many pictures right now because we broke our camera! We have had that camera for 5 years and when we have a real desire to finally use it we drop it! Oh well -such is life! A new one is ordered and on the way, but in the meantime we are using our video camera to snap some shots - they're a bit fuzzy but better than nothing!

Here we are for our final cast soaking - we are now free of the cast! Below is one last pic of it on... I don't have any shots of the braces he is now wearing but will get some up soon( you can see the in the video section). The transition has not been easy from cast to braces- but we are all working through it together. He just figured out how to roll over with the braces on and is now much happier that he can once again roll!

Mama and Daddy are always kissing on the poor little guy!!

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Jeanette said...

Loved reading all about your family and the trips you've been on. We sure enjoyed seeing you when you visited Oregon. Harrison was an angel when he was here. So glad we got to spend time together and look forward to your next trip here. Love, Jeanette