Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Edwin "Harrison" Spencer IV

Finally our new addition to our family is here!

Harrison was born on May 9 at 8:02 am 6lbs 10oz 20 inches long.

On May 8th we went to Labor and Delivery per our doctors orders due to some fluid Christina was leaking. The test came back that there was a tear in the Amniotic Sac and she needed to be induced immediately... quite a shock to us all - we thought we would be home in time for dinner!

After 9 hours of Pitocin induced labor and 45 mins of pushing Harrison finally joined us!

During the delivery meconium was found and once he was delivered he was having trouble breathing... he was immediately rushed to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where he remained for the first three hours of his life - as yo can imagine it was quite difficult on all of us - as we waited in limbo to find out if our little boy was alright.

Mike went with Harrison and Christina's mom stayed with her.

Once they ran all his test, x-rays and hooked him up for a while to oxygen he figured out how to breath on his own. The test all came back looking positive so he was able to leave NICU and join his parents!

Mom, Dad and baby are home and doing well (albeit sleep deprived)!

Below our some initial pics we took -we will post more soon!

Mike and Christina

Mike cutting the cord

Finally in his mother's arms

The new Spencer Family

Sleeping like a baby

Still Sleeping

Baby Boy

Our good friends Justin and Coley Arnold, and Kelley and Bret Guetz came to visit us in the hospital - here is Auntie Coles holding our lil man

Finally HOME!!

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slfleishel said...

Aww my little baby cousin Harrison. So precious. Congradulations. Who knows why God does the things he does but with your continuous faith in him he blessed you with this beautiful little boy! I cant wait to meet him. Hope he isn't keeping you up too late. I love you both.

Sarah Lynn